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Our Philosophy

For High-quality and Safe Products CHALLENGE and DYNAMICS|Giving quality top priority, we constantly strive to supply quality and user-friendly products.

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Corporate Profile

In 1959, Onuki succeeded in developing Japan’s first polyester sewing thread. Since then, we have constantly challenged technical innovations and strived to be a reliable manufacturer who delivers a steady supply of various industrial sewing threads that provide excellent sewability, safety and security to our customers. We take pride in the achievement in supplying high-quality products by our integrated production system of twisting, dyeing and rolling. (ISO9001 certified)

To respond to the globalization and to meet today’s diverse needs, we have expanded our operation by having two factories and two sales offices in China, aiming to enhance our overseas functions. At the same time, we continue to maintain the production system that focuses on environment and safety.

(Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Onuki Thread (Xuancheng) Ltd. acquired ISO14000 certification for satisfying pollution prevention facility in May, 2010)

Onuki supplies a wide variety of industrial-use sewing threads including threads for car seats sewing and other specific sewing purposes. In 1993, we established a system in China to deliver the equal quality products both in Japan and China at the same time.

We intend to make even more efforts to make further contributions to our customers by supplying high-quality sewing threads.

Full-fledged Production and Delivery System in China

We were among the first to have an interest in the rapid-growing Chinese market and established our first production site in China in 1993. Today, we have two factories in China that make high-quality products with the same production and management system as the main factory in Japan. We also have two sale offices in China providing speedy delivery locally.

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To Supply High-quality and Safe Products


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

“Oeko-Tex Standard” is a global safety standard of textile products. Oeko-Text 100 certification guarantees that the product has been tested and conforms with all the Oeko-Tex standards for using harmful substances. In addition to acquiring this certification, we make further efforts to supply high-quality and safe products to meet the needs of our customers.

Date Acquired: March 8, 2001
Certification Number: N-KEN01002
Applicable Standard: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Category 1 for babies)
Scope of Certification: 100% polyester sewing threads and processed products
Inspection Agency: Japan Dyer's Inspection Institute Foundation
Certification Authority: TESTEX



Aiming to establish “globally accepted quality”, we have acquired two ISO certifications to date – ISO9002 in May, 2000 and ISO9001 in April, 2004. In to the future, we continue to work hard for improving our quality and services based on our policy – “satisfy our customers by providing high-quality products with reasonable prices” and “aim to grow as a company to achieve our employees’ happiness and to make contribution to society.”